About Us


Our Approach

Our goal is to provide programming, building, and strategy expertise to FLL teams and anyone else interested in MINDSTORM robotics as a hobby. Our policy is that we will not provide programs to download but we will show you how to write the programs yourself. We will also try to explain the details behind the programs in a more detailed way than you will find in most videos.

Our Story

Our exposure to LEGO robotics has lead to a lifetime passion. Teaching kids how to solve problems is very rewarding. And maybe we just enjoy building and programming robots anyway!

Meet our Team

Tim and Sam Rhyne dedicate their time to BeardedOracle.com as a labor of love. Their interest in STEM, particularly robotics, dates back to when Sam joined a FIRST LEGO League team at age 10. Tim has coached or judged FLL ever since and Sam coached FLL as a high schooler.


Tim Rhyne

Originator, AKA BeardedOracle

An Engineer and a Computer Scientist, Tim has worked at Tennessee's Oak Ridge National Laboratory for nearly 40 years.


Sam Rhyne


Sam has a degree in Logistics and serves as BeardedOracle.com's master builder. He has posted videos on his YouTube channel for over 10 years.

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